1. I cannot download a file?

    Please try to use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer to download the file. Sometimes there is some problem with Firefox Browser.

  2. How to fix All4coding Core Module depends bug?

    If You install a module, for example All4coding Maintenance Module and you are encounter All4coding Core Module depend bug. This mean you haven't install the All4coding Core module yet. to fix this problem you first need to disabled the installed module, in our example it is All4coding Maintenance Module.
    Look for the file 'app/etc/modules/All4coding_Maintenance.xml' and then look for the line ‘<active>true</active>’ and replace it with ‘<active>false</active>’.
    Now go to http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/all4coding-core-3973.html and install the All4coding Core module using Magento Connect Manager.
    After install All4coding Core module. You need to enable the module that we have disabled at first. In our example Look for the file 'app/etc/modules/All4coding_Maintenance.xml' and then replace the line ‘<active>false</active>’ with ‘<active>true</active>’. Now the problem have been fixed.

  3. Get 404 error when go to config the magento  extension?

    You get 404 error because you don't have permission because the Magento Admin session have been cached. So you need to log out and log back in and everything will work fine.